How do I scrap my car?

When your car reaches the end of his life and you cannot keep or sell it, scrapping it is a choice. Common reasons for scrapping a vehicle include MOT failure or significant mechanical problems that would set you back more than the car’s worth.

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Take your car only to an authorized facility

In the search for a place to scrap your vehicle, be sure it is an ATF – authorized treatment facility. This means that it is Environment Agency registered and ensures that the scrapyards stick to the rules and regulations surrounding the demolition of vehicles and the proper handling of waste material. For Scrap Yard Birmingham, visit a site like Birmingham Autobreakers, a leading Scrap Yard Birmingham.

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Consider selling part of your car

If you are willing to put in a little extra time and effort, there is a possibility you could make money by taking and selling automobile parts prior to it being scrapped. A mechanic will be able to look it over to see if it is worthwhile, because the market is booming for certain car parts but not for others. If you do not remove the parts themselves, you have to take into account the labour costs that garages will charge to do it for you. Remember that if your car has been written off in an accident and is classified as a write-off, it cannot be used for parts and must be completely scrapped.

Get your documentation

Whichever method you use to get rid of your old car, make sure you tell the DVLA when you’ve discarded it.