So, your car failed MOT, what now?

Fear not, as many as 40% of vehicles fail their MOT each year so you’re not alone. Find out what went wrong and get the same mechanic who did the MOT to sort the repairs so you know it will pass next time round. For more information on getting an MOT or Gloucester Car Repairs, visit a site like Swift Fit

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Getting a retest is straightforward if your car doesn’t pass first time. If repair work is done and the test is re-done within a day, the retest will normally be free.

If your car fails, it can come as a bit of a shock if you really were not expecting it. The law has recently changed so that you cannot now continue driving after an MOT failure, even if your old MOT is still valid. Remember that you really can’t ignore a failure and it’s in your best interests and the safety of others that your car is fixed straightaway.

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Never be tempted to drive a car without a valid MOT as there are serious repercussions. It is not dissimilar to driving without insurance and if you are stopped by police, there will be a £1000 fine. If they find faults with the vehicle as well, you could face a further fine of £2500, a ban and points on your licence.

The best way to avoid an MOT failure is to understand the MOT process and focus on sorting out any issues with the car before the test.