Envy, that bad habit that nobody talks about but that is present in companies

Marta has been congratulated. Marta likes you because you are partners for ten years. You know almost everything about his life and vice versa. Although today you see it in another way. Since a week ago, she took a pat on the shoulder and may be promoted in the company, the notes different with you and with the rest of your classmates.

Actually, none of that is happening. Yes, Marta has been congratulated because thanks to her work the company will be able to close a good contract, but she is still equally charming with everyone. It is the envy that corrodes you who speaks and thinks for you.

The difference between being a healthy ambitious and an ambitious that has no idea what the word means, is envy . An ambitious person who intends to do his job well, improve, grow every day and learn, to start will not see in his environment rivals, but fellow travelers.

As a good partner, your mission would be to be happy about the achievements of others, that will make you improve as a person and most importantly, as a professional

Everything related to jealousy, envy or discomfort for the good that happens to the other, only entails a waste of energy and the worst: it does not say anything good about you. So Marta’s partner should take a breath and focus her thoughts on her own ideas and dreams.

Only a weak and fragile personality will suffer from envy and it will seem to him that a person who has had an acknowledgment is his enemy. It does not make sense, right? Lucky strikes, hard work, a set of various circumstances make one day everything goes well and so what? Your turn will come, now is your time and you would win more by being happy than the opposite .