When being more organized helps to organize ideas

It’s not about being organized and getting punctual to appointments. Tener an orderly mind involves much more than that. It consists in adopting a more calm, mature and positive attitude , in this way, to find the necessary serenity that allows us to enjoy life more.

Following a schedule and dedicating a specific time to each activity will allow you to lead a more complete life. And above all, more orderly. Maintaining order in your workplace has a great influence on your way of thinking and acting. A well-organized environment will give you greater security.

A place for everything

It is a simple rule, but effective. If you know where to find the object you are looking for, you will save time and avoid nervousness.

Throwing what is not used is a golden rule that we should keep in mind. Useless objects steal space and hinder our movements. It is better, therefore, to clean periodically.

With order and time is the secret of doing everything and doing it well. Pythagoras, mathematician and Greek philosopher.

Sort every day

In the study there is that maxim: read the notes even a little every day. Create the habit and help retain data. In addition to generating a necessary discipline.

With order the same thing happens. Accumulating disorder or dirt not only makes your environment unpleasant but it will make you feel trapped and overwhelmed. It is better to collect on a daily basis and achieve an environment in which energy flows.

Create lists

You can write in a notebook or in an application for the mobile. It is important to point things out the night before so that the next day you already know what you have to do. Be realistic and order tasks by priorities, leaving at the beginning the most important or complicated and the most pleasant for the end.

Order is not synonymous with boredom

If you organize well you can alternate the most arduous activities with other more pleasant ones. In addition, by rationalizing your lifestyle, it is very possible, even that you can enjoy more free time.

In this way you will get more out of your day to day and you will feel more fulfilled.