What is pest control?

Pest Control is basically the process of exterminating or reducing pests which cause huge disturbance to our daily living. The major aim of pest control is to shield your household or business from possible pests such as rats, insects, and certain parasites that may be attracted to your property and carry dirt and disease. There are several ways on how to do it. Let us discuss few important aspects of pest control:

It is generally performed through the use of chemicals or traps. In order to perform this function effectively, you should seek the help of a professional pest control service. For food businesses, this is especially important as the method of getting rid of pests must not be harmful to the environment or food prepared on site. For help with this and all manner of food safety, consider a Food Hygiene Check from https://hygienecheck.net/

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Pests are a common nuisance for restaurants and food businesses, attracted as they are to leftover food on floors and waste bins. Kitchens are warm and moist atmospheres which also acts as an attractor to pests such as cockroaches, birds and rodents.

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The impact of pests on a food business include factors such as damage to foodstuffs leading to loss and wasted money. There is also a major health concern as insects, birds and rodents can carry diseases. Should any staff or customers become unwell, it is the business that would face liability for this harm.