Drainage block

A blocked drain can occur from a number of different reasons, whether it be in the toilet, the sink or even the shower. The number one reason for a blocked drain in the shower is hair, which is hard to avoid happening. Many people like to clump the hair together and stick it on the side of the shower and throw it away to avoid it going down the drain.

However, there are more reasons than just hair for a drain to be blocked, such as; dirt and grease build up. Another big reason for a blocked drain in the shower is soap or other sticky substances that can be used for the body.

The same objects that can be used to block a sink can also be used to block a drain which is extremely harmful. Some examples include small objects such as children’s toys, keys, plants and other toiletries. All of these combined in addition to poor pipe installation could be the biggest problem to a drain. Also, cotton buds are a common object many seem to put down the sink and they are not easily dislodged once stuck. Ground coffee is also something many just rinse in the sink and it can be a big contributor to a blocked drain.

A blocked drain can also be caused from the toilet, even though it’s a known problem if anything other than toilet paper is flushed, many people still continue to flush other things such as wipes, sanitary products, diapers, and food waste. Some companies such as AMS Drains deal with blocked drains in Bristol.

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