Five tips to make a small room look bigger

The park home lifestyle is a healthy, happy way to live that many people have enjoyed.

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However, there’s no denying the fact that park homes for sale in Gloucestershire ( are never going to be palatial in terms of size. However they do say the best things come in small packages, and there are numerous ways that you can make smaller rooms within your home look bigger with a few tips, tricks and tweaks to fool the eye.


It’s no secret that lighter colours are known for creating the illusion of more space. This is because they reflect light, whereas darker colours absorb it. To make your park home rooms look bigger, opt for light, bright, airy colours and consider painting the skirting boards and trims lighter than the wall colour to further enhance the effect.


Natural light is another brilliant way to make a room feel bigger. Maximise the amount of light that can shine through your room by opening up the windows as much as possible. You can do this by ditching dark, heavy curtains and opting for sheer curtains. Installing glass panels in doors can also be a good way to allow light to shine throughout the home.

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Nothing makes a space look busier and more cramped than a lot of clutter. That can mean trinkets, furniture and even pictures on the walls. Cut back on clutter and invest in good storage solutions, and your room (and mind) will feel a lot clearer. Consider using multifunctional furniture – such as a sofa with pull-out storage or an ottoman that can also double up as a coffee table – so that you can cut down on the number of items needed in any given room.

Furniture, glass and mirrors

Too much block furniture can make a room feel small, but a simple trick of being able to see through the furniture can combat this. For example, a table with legs or a glass coffee table gives the illusion of more space than a bulky, cumbersome piece would.


Don’t neglect flooring when it comes to space saving. The same principle applies here as on the walls. Lighter hues equal more space. If you are stuck with dark, wooden flooring, you can easily use a lighter or patterned rug as a focal point.