Good Winter Health for you, your home and other people

When winter is on the way, there are lots of things to do to prepare – both for our bodies and our home, it is important to take extra care during these darker and colder months. Here are some of the things to do before the winter sets in…

For Yourself

At this time of year, the amount of sunlight that our bodies naturally get decreases – the sun rises later and sets earlier and by December the hours of darkness outnumber the hours of daylight. We mainly get vitamin D from the sun, which is vital to our health, so make sure that you take a supplement throughout the winter months. It is also good to continue getting out as much as possible for exercise as this will keep you physically healthy as well as mentally.

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For Your Home

Preparing your home ready for the wintery weather is also very important – get someone like this boiler repair Belfast based company Belfast Gas to come and check that your heating is in good working order, and make sure that you have any repairs done to fences and roofs before the bad weather arrives and makes it worse.

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For Others

Winter can be a hard time for people who love alone or have mobility problems – make sure that you keep in touch with elderly friends and relatives, in the bad weather help them with chores like shopping so they won’t have to brave the slippery pavements.