Winter Roof Maintenance

A severe winter could cause a variety of problems in the roof, so staying in control of roof maintenance is very important. Prolonged snowfall and a regular build-up of ice will slowly see the roof erode, where cracks and holes can begin to develop. As a roof becomes more open to the elements of nature, throughout the year, it will need regular checks to ensure that it remains in excellent condition.

Some of the risks:

Snow accumulation: a thick layer of snow, built over time, could potentially cause significant structural damage and in some cases even cause the roof to collapse. It tends to occur in older properties and outdated structures that have had their fair share of wear and tear. It’s important that you assess the current state of your roof for your own safety. Should you need repairs or replacements, consider Industrial Roofers at a site like

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Injury Hazard: there are sadly too many times when an unexpected injury has happened due to the poor maintenance of a roof, even causing fatalities. It’s important that you know the correct procedures to clear snow from your roof. As simple as it sounds, there have been times where people have cut ice, which can damage the shingles and gutters. Pushing the snow from the roof to the gutter can cause cracking and potential leakage problems.

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Clear the ventilation

Snow will always find its way into anything and everything is left open on the exterior. Ventilation, in particular, should always be open and clear every time. Clogged or blocked vents can cause poor drainage, no fun, durable sewage smells and even the risk of explosion is present in certain types of buildings.