The way cameras have revolutionised drain services

Cameras started to be used in drainage works in the late 1990s. Prior to this, drain professionals would pretty much have to guess what was going on in the pipes. They would have to feel for an issue or dig up the whole lot to find the problem.

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The use of cameras in the industry has also had a beneficial effect on customer education. Now there is a greater understanding of what things cause a pipe to become clogged or need to be replaced. It also meant that now sections could be worked on and problems resolved in specific areas, making the customer happier with less disruption and potential cost. Find out more about CCTV Surveys Gloucester at a site like Drainawayenviro

For the drain cleaning industry, cameras also meant a whole new opportunity for generating leads and increasing profit. Now they could offer pipe inspection services to locate potential problems before they become serious and attracting new customers meant chances to sell their other services too, such as HVAC installation.

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Along with the increased use of cameras came the opportunity to make use of water jetters more. As jetters can effectively clean pipes and make them look good as new, they became an ideal accompaniment to running a camera through at the same time, impressing the customer with the potential for future maintenance contracts.

Modern day camera systems include USB cameras and ones that are compatible with smartphones. Technology available now also includes the ability to add speaking and titles onto the videos of the inspection.