5 Facebook marketing tips to work into your next campaign

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, which means that it is also one of the best marketing platforms in the world. This is why thousands of businesses use Facebook as a marketing tool, but sadly, it is easy for your campaign to get lost among all of the other campaigns on Facebook.

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If you want to ensure that your next Facebook campaign stands out, here are 5 Facebook marketing tips that you should include in your next campaign.

Use saved audiences

Your business page on Facebook comes with a Business Manager addition, and this allows you to create your own custom audiences, making it easier for you to advertise towards specific groups. If you set this up, you can tailor each post to different age groups and genders, increasing your chance of click-throughs and sales. Most importantly, it is free and easy to set up!

Create video content

According to The Guardian, online video is the future of content marketing. This is because videos tend to get more engagement than text or image posts, so you should definitely include some original video content in your campaign.

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Use captions

If you create video content, it is very important to add captions, as most of your audience will be watching the video without sound (as the video will automatically start playing without sound). This means that if you don’t include captions, most of your viewers will quickly get bored and scroll past the video.

Try retargeting

If you install the Facebook tracking pixel to your business page, you will be able to start a retargeting campaign, which is a great form of online marketing, as it means you can advertise specifically to people who have already visited your website.

Include a call to action

You should definitely include a call to action on your business page, as this means that users can simply click a button to either sign up or go to your website. This means it is much easier for your audience to engage with your business, and it will help to increase sign-ups to your website and sales.