5 Major Reasons to Move Your Business to the Cloud

As a business owner, you rely on computers and files for much of your day to day work and activities. As we become more dependent on this information, we need to protect our business’ information. Cloud serves are a newer technology that allows you to store your information or back it up remotely. There are several benefits for using a service like this as a business owner. There are 5 major reason that your should move your business over to the cloud.

  1. The first reason to move your business to the cloud is for improved business security purposes. If you store your files and documents only on your computer hard drives, they are at risk every day. Without a back up, files could accidentally be erased, or your computer systems could be victim to hacking and other criminal activities from outside sources. When you store your files on a cloud system, whether it is a back up or your main source of storage, you protect all of these sensitive, important and private business documents so that you never have to worry about losing information.
  2. Save money by lowering power costs. Using the cloud uses less energy since you are able to better utilize your hardware. When you work on and run your own data center your servers are not utilized to their fullest potential, and idle servers are a waste of energy, costing you extra money each month that could be better spent or invested elsewhere to build and grow your business.
  3. You can also save money by lowering staffing costs. Hiring good IT professionals to work on site is expensive. In addition to salaries, you also need to pay for benefits and vacation time. When you work through a could, you pay a flat fee to your provider and they have their own IT staff on hand every day. This makes less work for you, and ensures that you always have qualified IT experts available to help you with your business computing concerns.
  4. The cloud enables you to scale your needs. You can build up or retract storage whenever you need so that the cloud can work with your growing company as your needs and business increase. In addition, the cloud can scale a different times of the day to meet your demand, cut back on costs and waste, and work best for you and your business requirements.
  5. Finally cloud options are extremely affordable. Some smaller options are even free! Since the cloud market is so competitive in the current market, companies are working to dramatically lower costs and provide exceptional service in order to earn your business, meaning now is the time to get involved in cloud computing and storage for your business. It will be a worthwhile investment. Plus, having your own on-site, internal storage is a much larger investment, so the results and the savings making it clear that cloud storage is the better option for most businesses.

As a business, not is the time to move to the cloud. You can get cloud services for an affordable price, save money on staffing, energy and investment in internal storage. In addition the cloud gives you added security that will protect your sensitive documents and information at all times.