5 ways that commercial carpets can benefit an office

Choosing the right floor covering for your office or business can impact the way that clients view you, as well as affecting how well your employees work. Getting it right is therefore essential. Let’s take a quick look at why carpet can be a great choice for your business.

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The look

Carpet is warm and comfortable underfoot and when a client enters the building, it will be the first thing that welcomes them. Choosing a fantastically designed carpet can do wonders for the image of your business, providing a professional and welcoming first impression.

Comfort and safety

Provide your staff with a little comfort underfoot by providing them with carpet to cushion their weary feet. According to Floor Trends, it’s gentler on the joints and bones and more forgiving than harder concrete or tile flooring. Not only that, but carpet is more slip-proof, thanks to its surface which grips shoes providing protection against falls and slips. If a fall does occur, then the carpet will soften the impact, resulting in fewer injuries.

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Easy to look after

With frequent cleaning and vacuuming, carpet is easy to maintain. Every so often, the carpet will require a deep clean, so look for a business that does commercial carpet cleaning in Gloucester to do the job for you. You can split the areas into those with heaviest footfall that need to be cleaned each month and those that require cleaning quarterly or even annually.

Health benefits

Unlike hard flooring, carpet is great at catching dust and allergens, keeping them trapped in the fibres and stopping them from being released into the atmosphere. In a way, it’s like a very effective air filter. Specialists in Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Gloucester (https://www.clean-able.co.uk/),  recommend regular carpet cleaning to not only keep your flooring clean, but to help your staff stay healthier too.


Thanks to the fibres, which actually trap heat, carpet is a fantastic insulator which can help to improve the energy efficiency of your building during the colder winter months. In addition, carpet is great at absorbing sounds, softening the acoustics of a building and stopping noises from penetrating the floors in multi-story buildings. Compare the acoustics of a work area with tiles or concrete flooring and you’ll notice the difference immediately.