Automist fire protection for your home

Automist can be a valuable, safety-enhancing addition to many homes and could potentially protect your property and its contents or even your life from the dangers of fire. However, many people are held back from calling installers because they do not feel they need the system, but because they simply are not aware of what it is.

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What is Automist?

You are no doubt familiar with the sprinkler systems most commonly used in commercial settings. When a fire is detected, as well as simply setting off the alarm they will douse the area in water. This, it is hoped, will put out a minor outbreak of fire before it becomes a major one, and at the very least it should severely hamper the spread of the flames by soaking their surroundings.

Automist is a very similar but more affordable system. It is largely designed for use in the home, and has therefore been scaled back to fit the needs of smaller, domestic premises rather than big commercial properties. As such, it is cheaper and more realistically within the budget of the average homeowner. After you have the system installed you may want to consider having a Plasterers Gloucester company  like come in to make good any areas that have been altered by the installation. Why not combine your installation with a little redecorating and have it all completed at the same time.

The Advantages

The advantages of Automist over a simple fire alarm system are fairly straightforward, even obvious. Having a system installed it will enhance your home’s fire protection far beyond the level offered by a simple alarm system. Instead of a system that simply alerts you to a fire, you will have one that actively and automatically combats the fire for you.

Even a simple alarm will do a lot to protect you and your home from the dangers of fire, but an Automist system will do much more still. As an alarm works by simply alerting you to the fire, it is not much good if a blaze happens to start when you are out, which can happen with things such as electrical faults or simple human error in accidentally leaving a fire risk unattended.

Automist will help combat the blaze for you whether you are there or not and this is a huge help in minimising damage. It is also useful for homes where there is only one exit, as it can help keep your escape route clear.