Better things to do in the Forest of Dean

One of life’s little misery’s is the need to get a boiler serviced or fixed. At least if you live in the wooded splendour of the Forest of Dean you don’t need to worry about the view from the window as wherever you live it’s not far from a great one. It gets pretty cold in the Forest of Dean so a Boiler Installation Forest of Dean is one of the many things that you need to get in place if you’re are going to live there and greenplanetheating can help with that. Why would you want to live in the Forest of Dean? I have a few reasons why.

  1. The pace of life. The Foresters are known as a feisty bunch but they do enjoy a life that’s a little remote. They are certainly characters and they tend to know what they know but you’re sure of a friendly welcome and an interest in what you do.

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  1. The Dean Heritage folk Museum. You can see where the people of the forest came from and where that character comes from with a visit to this nice little museum. Its nestled in t a lovely Vale that just seems to play its part and you’ll soon get to the feel of the forest. There are lots of examples of Dean Life at the Museum with examples of built heritage and artefacts related to local Dean Individuals and families.
  2. Symonds Yat. It’s a fair old climb but there is a car park and you can see one of the most photographed and unspoilt views in the entirety of Britain. You can see right down the border of Wales and England and trace the path of the Offa’s Dike the nature border between the two countries.

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  1. Go for a Bike ride or a walk. There are more than enough around the Forests. They are all nicely signposted and organised for you to enjoy. Most have facilities for a quick cup of tea or a toilet break.
  2. Climb a tree. Not literally. One of the best sites for the Go Ape leisure facility is here and you can be up on the treetop walk in no time. Don’t worry you are strapped in.
  3. Pirate Golf. There is a fine little Pirate themed Crazy Golf course nestled in the hills below the forest. It’s a real test of the skills and timing plus you can pose as a pirate too.
  4. Fresh air. The best thing about the Forest? You can smell and breathe in the air’s quality. It’s been well scrubbed and is some of the best.