Booking a Limousine Service: 5 Questions You Should Ask First

When booking a limo, you want to ask a series of important questions. Not only do you want to get the best deal on your limo experience, but you also want to have the best time. The last thing you want is to be surprised by a lack of a certain service or a surprise charge on your bill. When it comes to communicating with a limo service, asking these questions is also important for the sake of making the hiring transaction a lot more tolerable. It can be quite easy to mishear a customer service representative and vice versa, so asking these questions is also important to prevent any miscommunication. Here are five questions that are imperative to ask when booking a limousine service.

  1. Is the limo’s bar fully stocked? Some limos come with a fully stocked, self-serve liquor cabinet. If you are going out with friends for a night out on the town, or if you are hiring the limo for some kind of celebration, you may want to have this amenity built in to your rate. The last thing you want is to be surprised when there isn’t a fully stocked bar, especially if you were expecting one.
  2. Are there different charges and rates to hire a limousine on a weekend versus a weekday? Some companies, like deluxe limo & transportation, offer different rates on the weekend than they do on the weekdays. This is an important question to ask, because you may be a little taken aback when you see a higher charge on your bill. Also, you may want to think about renting the limo on a weekday to save money.
  3. What is the capacity for certain vehicles in your fleet? A limousine service will usually have different capacities per vehicle or limo they have in their fleet. For instance, if you only have one or two people, you may simply want to take a town car or a smaller stretch limousine. However, if you have twenty people in your group, you may want a stretch SUV or even a party bus.
  4. Do you offer discounts for special events? For some special events, you may want to hire a few different limos for the sake of getting guests to and from the reception or wedding ceremony. If this is the case, you probably don’t want to pay the full rate. So, make sure that you ask about different packaged deals – the limo service will most likely be able to accommodate.
  5. Can you inspect the vehicles before you choose one? Sometimes you want to know if you are getting the best deal or not. A limo service’s vehicles may look okay in pictures, but it may be a completely different story when the driver comes to pick you up. In the end, no matter how much money you are going to spend on limo, you should at least be able to get a first hand look at the fleet. If you don’t like what you see, you can always look for another company.