Boosting your body’s collagen production

When it comes to looking after the health and vitality of our of skin many of us underestimate the impact that our diet has on our skin. Cosmetic and non-surgical procedures are increasing in popular, especially the less invasive treatments such as those offered by Thread Lift Cardiff companies. Once you have had a procedure like this completed your body will naturally increase its production of collagen in a bid to help heal the site of the small sutures that are placed in your skin. It is collagen that is responsible for the youthful and voluminous look of our skin. In order to help with the healing process and  to ensure that you can keep the youthful appearance of your skin elsewhere on your body there are a number of foods that you can eat that help to naturally boost the production of collagen.

Here are a few of them for you to consider including in your diet.

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Avocado – already known as a miracle food due to its incredible health fats and other compound avocados are also incredibly good at increasing your collagen production. They are now being used in a variety of different creams and oils that are used on the skin. To help with a youthful appearance eat an avocado every other day as well as considering switching to skincare products that contain avocado and avocado oil in them.

Carrots – rich in Vitamin A carrots help to protect the body against an enzyme that breaks down collagen as well boosting the body’s natural production of collagen. Carrots should be consumed as a part of your daily nutritional plan rather than applying them topically as eating them provides the most benefit. You could perhaps include them in a tasty antioxidant rich smoothie or perhaps take a few carrots sticks with you to work each day to snack on.

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Berries – almost any kind of berry will help to boost collagen in your body with some such as blueberries being reported as more effective. All berries contain ellagic acid which is responsible for collagen is produced effectively within the body. They are also rich in lots of other vitamins and minerals and have antioxidant qualities.

Eggs – containing Vitamin A and sulphur, eggs have become another popular ingredient in food supplements as they provide many health benefits including antioxidant qualities and boosting the body’s collagen levels, all adding to a healthy looking and more youthful complexion.

There are many more foods that can be added to your diet to help with aging and you can find a full list here.