Choose the Right Carpet for Your Spaces

There is a good reason behind opting for an area rug. It carpets a room. Carpets are practical and so they provide comfort, cushion, and warmth over any type of flooring including concrete, wood flooring, and tile. Not only does this provide comfort but it offers aesthetic values to a room as well.

When it comes to creating a well-balanced space with an area rug, you need to consider the artwork of your existing floor that acts as the frame.

Things to consider

It is wise, to begin with, the area rug first. Depending on its design, you can select wall color, find paintings and throw pillow to complement the décor of your room. In order to create a perfect balance with a carpet in your room, you only need to follow a rule of thumb.

The carpet must be only six inches and no more than 24 inches away from the wall. When you consider the different shapes, uses, and design preferences, other factors will work as well.

Area rug for different spaces of your home

Choose not too long or not the too short area rug for entrance or transition area of your room that opens to other rooms and stairways. Keep in mind the width of the rug must match the door space. You can even choose a rug few inches less than the door space.

If you want to use area rug in the hall of your room, keep it under the lighting fixture. With regard to this, if you are planning to keep furniture in the hall, do not put them on the carpet.

If there is a home office in the corner of your bedroom, you can treat a carpet like a cocoon. You need to select a carpet that can complement the furniture and helps you create a warm space at your home office. The area rug in your room prevents chair dragging and tripping.

Use a carpet as a focal point in your room. Whatever rug you choose you, it must provide enough space for furniture to sit upon it.

If you have a large living room in your home, use two carpets to create two individual living spaces. Your area rug must extend beyond the coffee table.

For a small room, you can choose a rug with bold patterns because this will make your room appear large.

Rugs are a great addition to a bedroom because they get you a cozy feeling. Try to place them alongside the furniture.

Carpet maintenance

When it comes to buying a carpet for your home, you do not just think about how to place it properly to create a right balance but you need to consider how you can make the most of your investment. You can enjoy the aesthetic values of your carpet as long as you maintain it. Use a vacuum cleaner with a good suction and strong beater bars to remove dirt from the carpet. During renovation work, you prefer to use carpet film to protect it from messy spills and stains.

Maintain your carpet properly and it will provide you with years of beauty and comfort.