Choosing the right tiling for your bathroom

Tiling is a great idea for bathrooms as they look clean, hygienic, fresh and airy. If you’ve decided to go ahead and choose tiling for your bathroom, the next step is choosing the right tiling. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Find a tile design you love

Do some extensive research and look at a wide variety of tile types and designs. You’ll likely already have an idea in your head of what you want or will quickly find the perfect colour or pattern. Perhaps the perfect tile will be a unique texture or a special accent that brings out the tile amongst the rest of the décor. For a wide range of bathroom tiling, consider Bathrooms Northern Ireland from

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  1. No more than 3 different tile styles

If you want a combination of tiles, start with the design you’ve fallen in love with and then choose no more than two different styles. The first tile might well be the focal point of your décor, so the remaining tiles will need to blend in and offer more subtle colours to provide good accent. If your primary tile is plain in pattern or colour, then the remaining tiles can be a more colourful accent or interesting texture.

You’ll ideally want different tiles for the flooring, for the shower and possibly the rest of the wall space too, unless you are only partially tiling the bathroom.


  1. Consider the maintenance

If you love cleaning, then hats off to you but most people would rather do anything than scrub a bathroom. When you’re choosing your tiles for areas that will be mostly wet, your best bet is to choose a porcelain or ceramic tile. They are a bit pricier but are almost maintenance-free. Choosing natural stone means they’ll need to be sealed and are slightly higher in maintenance requirements. If you have your heart set on stone, as they are so porous you might prefer to have them as flooring tiles. Glass tiles look beautiful and are perfect for walls or panels but too slippery for laying on the floor.

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  1. Size Matters

The bigger the better at the moment when it comes to on trend tiles for the bathroom floor. By choosing large scale tiling for the floor, you can use the same style in a smaller size for elsewhere in the bathroom, giving you different layers and sizes to create texture. in a different area of the bathroom.

As a rule of thumb, the smaller your bathroom is, the smaller your tiles should be. Mosaic style tiles work brilliantly in very cramped, closet-style bathrooms.