Considerations when choosing a venue

When organising an event, there are a million different questions buzzing around your head. One of the largest to address is where you will hold the event to and to answer this, here are some important considerations:

  1. Capacity

When choosing a venue, asking questions on size is the first thing that comes to mind. How many people can a place accommodate? If you plan to have 50 people at your event, you may want your place to be able to withstand seventy. If you plan to have 300, you may want the capacity to be 350-400.

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What many people do when thinking about the size of the place is to assume that the capacity is linked to the physical size of the venue. Both these things may seem identical, but they are not. It is important to ask questions such as, how tight will the seating be? Will guests be able to move freely through space without a hitch or be restricted in their movement? How big does the space feel?

  1. Cost

Keeping in budget is another large consideration and a strong influence when choosing your place. Consider the time of year and day of your event when planning for a fee. One of the biggest ways to reduce prices is having an event on a day which is less sought after.

  1. Location

The main thing to consider when it comes to the location of your event is how easily the average event participants will be able to reach it. If most of your event guests will be “in-town” guests, then holding the event near their home or office make sense. Whereas, if the majority of participants are visiting from out of town, picking a place near the airport or train station is more practical.

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  1. Additional Services

Do you want to hire your own caterer or do you want the venue to supply this service? Do you have all the equipment you need for your event or will you need hire anything? All these questions must be asked before you choose your venue. You might be able to get all additional services from one venue but only some at another, so factor this into the overall cost. For Function Rooms Newbury, visit a site like Newbury Races, a top supplier of Function Rooms Newbury.

  1. Ambience

Another important aspect to consider is how well the venue fits the mood of your event. If you are hosting a Fundraiser Gala, you might want a place that has an extravagant and luxurious feel to it. If you’re throwing a family party, you’ll want your place to be less formal and more fun. Think hard about the message you’re trying to send to the guests of the event and how you can get in with the environment you choose for your event.