Could your office and employees benefit from standing desks?

Office work is generally regarded as one of the most sedentary jobs there is. Cue the revolutionary but beautifully simple concept of the standing desk – a way for office workers to work productively and healthily. What do you need to know about these desks before installing them in your office?

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A UK Business Insider article goes as far as to suggest that sitting down in your office job all day could be taking years off your life. Heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders and diabetes are just a few of the serious health conditions associated with a career spent sitting down.

Gauge interest

Standing desks generally don’t come cheap, so do some research into how many of your employees are willing, able and likely to use them before you go all out and re-furnish the whole office. Perhaps you could make space for a small area designated solely to these desks and see how well they are used. There is also an option for sit/stand desks that enable employees to alternate between the two postures without moving desks. This could be a worthwhile consideration that encourages employees to stand up for intervals without interrupting their working day by moving.

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Anti-fatigue mats

A sudden change from sitting to standing, or standing for long periods of time, can take its toll on your employees’ feet and ankles. Anti-fatigue mats are usually recommended for use alongside these units, as they provide support and comfort to the lower body. If your employees are not comfortable, they won’t use their desks; therefore, these small accessories are likely to be a worthwhile investment.

Monitor positioning

The position of a monitor is important for comfort and posture in both sitting and standing desks. In the case of standing desks, it is advised that the monitor is at arms’ length from the employee and that the top of the monitor is at eye level. Using office fit out companies such as can be useful in determining the relevant health and safety obligations in such a change.

Standing desks are a big change, with big changes in workplaces often met with trepidation. When introduced properly, standing or sit/stand desks could be a positive change that will benefit the health, morale and productivity of your staff.