Different types of UK law

There are many different fields of UK law and it can often be confusing if you need to need to find the right contact. Here are some of the different sectors of law and a brief explanation of what they cover:

Property Law

Property law manages everything to do with the purchasing, selling and contracts of property. It additionally can involve the rights of owners with respect to property they claim, (for example, privileges of access) or leasing or renting a property. One of the most notable sections of property law is conveyancing – the exchange of lawful title deeds when you purchase or sell a house. For a Solicitor Gloucester, visit deeandgriffin.co.uk

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Criminal Law

Likely the most well-known area of law. Criminal law can run in severity from littering to murder and isn’t constrained to offenses against people either – offenses, for example, robbery, burglary and arson are similarly as significant. Working in criminal law could include indicting for the CPS or defending clients either with a private firm or with the Public Defender Service.

Business Law

Business law oversees the principles which partnerships and organizations follow when making exchanges, deals and acquisitions. Business law can cover a scope of other legitimate zones, for example, wellbeing and security, work, copyright and employment law. As you can imagine, contract law is a fundamental piece of business law because of the continuous deals and acquisition of products.

Personal Injury

Individual injury includes the law of Tort. It enables individuals to be considered liable for harming others even when there is no legally binding contract between the two. Personal injury can occur basically anywhere – at the medical clinic, out and about, at work or even in the city. Pay will for the most part be awarded to the claimant if they are successful in their claim. Cases can be brought either exclusively or by a gathering of individuals.

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Family Law

Family law includes a wide scope of family related troubles. Family law can include:


Civil Partnerships


Child Abuse

Domestic Abuse


Family law likewise will have links to other areas of law, for example, property law and criminal law. Wills and trusts are likewise a major piece of family law so once more, there is large crossover which requires a family solicitor to be proficient in different zones of law.

Employment Law

This area of law covers the working environment and all phases of business and connections among managers and representatives. It can cover issues such as terms of work, redundancy, health and safety and trade unions. All of these areas require specialist law professionals as it’s such a broad area of law, allowing for considerable scope for solicitors to specialise.