Divorce: 4 Things To Consider When Deciding Who Gets The Kids

Divorce is difficult for the whole family, and children often have a really tough time facing their new life realities. Parents must talk about who is going to have the children for the majority of the time. In some situations, custody is split directly in half. However, more often than not, the children will spend more time living with one parent than the other. Disrupting the children’s lives as little as possible is ideal in these situations.

The Children’s Current School District

Divorce is going to bring about a lot of changes in the children’s current lives, so it is best to keep as much the same as possible. If one parent is moving out of the children’s current school district, living with the remaining parent is often a smart idea for the family. This way, the children can still see their friends on a regular basis and will not need to have this part of their life altered as well.

The Living Situation

Sometimes, when one parent moves out of the home, he or she is able to purchase a house or an apartment with more than one bedroom. In other situations, the parent might have to room into a room in the grandparent’s house or rent a studio apartment until he or she is able to save up enough money. Generally, the children will stay more frequently with the other parent so they are still able to have their own space.

Who Is Working?

If a parent is going to be out of the house all of the time or a lot of the time, this person might not be the best choice for the custodial parent. Once a divorce occurs, both of the parents often have to work to support their new lives as singles. In these scenarios, the parents should examine who is going to work less. If the mother will be home each day by 3 p.m. and the father works most weekends and evenings, then the mother is often the more suitable choice.

Extreme Situations and Scenarios

In many cases, the answers are not this simple. One of the parents might be suffering drug abuse or alcoholism, or this parent may be physically or mentally abusing the children. A child custody lawyer in Sacramento will often be hired to help deal with and work through these issues. In these cases, the children may very well not see the parent with troubles at all.

Deciding who will have the children in a divorce case is very difficult, and many factors will come into play. What is best for the kids is always the main consideration.