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I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading the book Ready Player One by the author Ernest Cline. I should just say now SPOILER ALERT as we will be discussing it in some detail and I don’t want anyone who’s not read it or is going to see the film (which I’ve not seen but the author writes the screenplay so I’ve high hopes) to have their enjoyment ruined. The book centres on a series of keys and gateways that need to be unlocked to access the riches of a Deadman. As with many films it focus on virtual locks but if you need a real Locksmith Sheffield way then give them a call, they might not be able to open up the computer generated world of the OASIS in the book but they can keep your home secure.

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James Halliday is dead. Whilst this might not seem a huge deal for us now in the world of 2045 it is huge news. Halliday, along with his friend Ogden Morrow have created the OASIS a full immersive virtual world allowing you to go anywhere, fly or drive anything and even perform magic. This is good thing as the world of 2045 is not somewhere that you would generally not want to be. Fossil fuels have all but gone, there are wars over resources, the planet is gripped by destructive climate change and the economy is non-existent with inequality everywhere. There is, however, a way out. James Halliday and his friend Ogden Morrow have created the OASIS a free to play virtual reality system that, if you can afford the gadgets, be a totally immersive environment with recreations of fantasy and real world sites. The users can make their own constructions or they can roam around the countless other planets. Want to fly and X-Wing? You can. Want to go on quest to destroy the one ring with Gandalf? You can. Want to spend all day attending services in St Paul’s Cathedral? You can. The world has the OASIS and the grim realities’ they face don’t have to be confronted anymore.

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Halliday has no heirs so he leaves his untold riches to however can find it hidden in the OASIS game. There are three keys, Copper, Jade and Crystal hidden in the game. It’s not an easy task and the contestant, which is everyone who uses the system, will have to have an in-depth knowledge of Halliday’s life, the 1980’s and his interests.

Ready Player one?