Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

Kids need time to spend with their friends. They need to explore their environment and the world around them. They need to run outside and play with other kids. They need these activities in order to develop their motor and social skills and to develop physical strength. Outdoor activities make for great exercise. Don’t allow your child to get cooped up in his room playing a video game or any gadget. Here are some fun activities that will surely keep him moving.

Batty Bowling
You don’t need to go to the bowling alley to have fun. Find different things lying around the garden or the garage such as empty cans, milk containers, plastic vases, a pizza box, etc. Line them up like bowling pins and knock them over with the use of tennis balls, volleyballs or golf balls.

Have the kids form a circle. Give one player a ball. He will then select a category such as “pets.” He will then bounce the ball to another player. The receiving player must then catch the ball and state an item from the category. In this case, “cat”. He will then bounce the ball to another player and so on. If a player can’t name an item or repeats an item, that player is out.

Pick Pocket Tag
Give a strip of cloth to each player which they will then put in their back pockets. Each player must then get the other players’ cloth strips being careful not to have his own strip taken. The player with the most number of strips wins.

Cross Step
Draw a 10 x 10 grid on the sidewalk. Each player should stand on a different square. One at a time, the players will move to a new square and will then cross out the square he left. Players are not allowed to stand in a crossed out square or in a square that is occupied by another player. Once the player cannot move to a new square, he is out. The winner will be the one left standing.

Blind Snakes
Determine a starting line and a finish line. Set up several sprinklers in between.  Players should run to the finish line without getting sprayed. One player should control the faucet. He should turn it on and off at random. The player who plays the longest without getting wet wins.

You don’t have to spend a lot for your kids to have fun. Here are some things to keep in mind when playing outdoors:

  • Ensure everyone’s safety by checking toys and the environment
  • Have at least one adult supervise the games
  • Make sure the kids are wearing proper clothing such as jackets, sweaters, waterproof pants, etc.
  • Give out mini awards such as ribbons, pixie dust, small toys, etc.
  • Have a snack such as cookies and milk at the end of the game