Glass Aquarium Tank Facts-When you make a glass aquarium

Glass aquarium tank facts

Glass aquarium tanks are ones of the most popular aquariums amongst those who love keeping fish as pets. All glass aquariums come in various sizes, from 10 gallons to up to 90 gallons. The 10-gallon glass aquarium is considered a small size for a fish tank. There are recommendations coming from experts that advise people to get an at least 20 gallons water tank for a freshwater fish tank and at least 40 gallons for a marine tank. Commonly, glass fish tanks can be purchased in the following sizes: 10, 20, 25, 29, 55, 75 and 90 gallons. Also, one is advised to choose wider and longer tanks over taller tanks. Because the fish will then have a larger water surface which promotes oxygen exchange, a beneficial aspect for the fish.

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Glass VS Acrylic

Glass tanks are often compared to the acrylic aquariums. Mainly because acrylic is a newer type of material, thought to be more resistant. However, many fish keepers prefer glass tanks because they are cheaper and more resistant. Also, glass tanks do not get yellow over time as acrylic tanks do and they do not require as much brace support when compared to the acrylic tanks. All glass aquariums require mainly the same aquarium supplies as the other types of aquariums.

Actually, what makes the difference between two types of aquariums is the type of fish. That are kept in it and not the material of which the aquarium is made of. The prices of a glass aquarium tank vary depending on their size. For example, a 20 gallons tank made of glass can cost around $50 while an acrylic tank of the same size can be three times more expensive. Acrylic tanks are thought to be more resistant in terms of resisting breakage. But specialists agree that these types of tanks are more prone to get scratched. Scratching is not something to worry about with the glass tanks.

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Basic Supplies

Glass aquarium basic supplies include filterslighting equipment, decoration and background and basically everything that has the purpose to mimic the fish natural habitat. A good aquarium also needs heaters and thermometers as well as chillers when the glass tank is placed in a too warm environment. All these supplies can be purchased in the specialty shops and on various websites on the Internet.

While some of them are cheap or accessible, others can cost much more than one is willing to pay for them. This is why people are advised to first do a proper research over the Internet. Also look for the best deals and then actually buy the products. Maybe the most expensive is the actual tank but the other supplies can also be the price. Prices depend on the sizes of the aquarium and implicitly of the supplies and their quality. Freshwater aquariums are thought to be cheaper than reefs or other types of aquariums and also easier to maintain.


In the end, glass aquarium tanks are a good and cheap option for people who are willing to keep fish as pets but who are not able to pay too much for their hobby.