Great ideas to rock your roast

The Sunday roast is Britain’s most loved home-grown meal and a dish we are famous for the world over. For many of us, it is a taste of home or a reminder of family meals, while for others it evokes memories of gastro pub get-togethers and holidays in the UK.

We all have varying ideas about what makes a roast a roast, whether beef, lamb, pork or even a nut loaf. No matter what you are roasting, the trimmings give it the essential wow factor. Whether you are staying traditional with Yorkshire puddings and gravy or looking to add some savoy cabbage and parsley, getting the extras right will make sure your roast is not just good but rocking.

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The ultimate gravy

To make the best gravy, pour the liquid from the roasting meat tin into a separator and return to the empty roasting tin. Place on the hob, add stock and a splash of wine, and bring to the boil. The art here is to keep stirring and scraping while it boils. In a saucepan, add the fat from the separator and two tablespoons of flour and slowly begin to introduce the gravy juice. A few spoonsful of pureed carrot and apple will give your gravy the zing it needs to leave a serous impression.

Yorkshire pudding heaven

Everyone has their own advice about Yorkies; however, unless you have tried and tested your own version, sticking to the golden rules ( will ensure yours are delicious. Firstly, make the batter the night before; secondly, make sure the fat is ‘shimmering’ – not still or bubbling – before adding the batter. Most importantly, make them in big tins, which ensures the right batter to fat ratio.

Savoy cabbage and parsley

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More and more online beef recipes are singing the praises of cabbage and parsley with beef, and with good reason. It is easy to cook, home-grown and delicious. Simply slice the cabbage thinly, remove the core, and sautéin butter and water for five minutes. Add the fresh parsley and cook for another five minutes. Check out resources such as for more roast ideas.

No matter what your roast, the best part of any meal is the company. Why not treat your guests to something a little different next time and roll out a rocking roast?