How to choose carpet for your rental property

Every time you embark on any renovation work it is important to remember that your rental property is your business.

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Colour neutrality and practicality are key when choosing carpet for your rental property. You should make the decor appealing to tenants, and it should be fairly good quality as it will receive some wear and tear.

However, considering your business, you should keep tight control of your budget, and keep spending in proportion with the property’s other costs and rental prices.

To help keep track of things and for property inventory software, contact a company such as Consider what you need to spend based on the type of carpet and how much floor space needs to be covered.

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Aim for picking a carpet that is durable, practical, hard-wearing, cost-effective and easy to clean.

Carpet materials

Wool: best for areas and rooms where the carpet needs to provide luxury and warmth, such as the living room. Wool can be a more expensive option, so it provides the best value when fitted to smaller areas and rooms. Choose a high-quality wool carpet that will ensure durability, bounce-back quality and respond well to cleaning.

Polypropylene: polypropylene is a synthetic, man-made fibre that is fairly affordable, hard-wearing and stain resistant. However, polypropylene carpet does not respond well to cleaning as the fibres become damaged over time. Typically, this carpet is best used in spare rooms or garages.

Nylon: this type of carpet is particularly stain resistant, hard-wearing and perfect for high-traffic areas such as stairs and hallways.

What colour carpet should I choose?

Always choose carpet in neutral shades when decorating your rental property. Cream-ivory or pale grey work well, and aim for colour continuity if you choose to install carpet throughout your property.


The durability of the carpet is determined by the fibre quality, density and its construction. It pays to spend more on a carpet with good durability, as you will need to replace it less frequently.


Carpet density relates to the weight of the pile and how closely the fibres are placed. When choosing carpet for your rental property, pick a carpet that is as dense as possible. The more dense the carpet is, the more durable it will be.