How to make your own pinecone firestarters

Gather some pinecones and create some fun, easy to make, firestarters. You can turn the activity into a craft afternoon with the kids or design some lovely gifts for family and friends.

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What you’ll need for this project

Gather a few supplies before you start:
– Dry pine cones
– A form of wax such as a candle, beeswax or old crayons
– A double boiler – create your own using a saucepan and a glass bowl
– Tongs
– Foil or greaseproof paper

You can add your favourite essential oils for fragrance and even introduce some colour with candle dye or crayons.

How to make your firestarters

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Follow these 4 steps for the perfect firestarters:
– Use your double boiler to melt the wax
– Add your favourite essential oils if desired
– Use the tongs to dip a pinecone in the melted wax and ensure it is thoroughly coated
– When the pinecone has stopped dripping, place on your foil or greaseproof paper

Your firestarters are ready to use when the wax has solidified. Simply place in your chosen spot with some kindling and light it. You can store the remaining firestarters next to your hearth alongside your log basket or metal log holder

Other pinecone crafts

You are not just limited to firestarters. Why not try pinecone car fresheners or Christmas decorations, or you could make a bird feeder. You could even use them as a slug repellent, as shown on the Woodland Trust website.

You could even sell them at craft fairs, bazaars and fundraisers. Things always sell extremely well when you display them in an attractive manner and with relevant accessories such as a metal log holder. Visit The Metal Tree to see a range of metal log holders

Tips for using pinecones in your craft projects

Ensure your pinecones are completely dried out before using them for any craft activity. To dry quickly, bake them in the oven on a low heat for one to two hours. Once the pine cones open up, they are done.
Alternatively, leave them on a sunny window sill for a few days.
Experiment with different aromas and sprinkle with herbs or spices before the wax dries. Try cinnamon, lavender, thyme, or rosemary.