I know I left it there somewhere

Holiday season is well and truly here and throughout the world tens of millions of people are passing through various airports to reach their destinations. Once you have checked in and passed through airport security you are left to explore the delights of the duty-free shopping area before you board your plane and start the journey to your holiday destination. Inevitably with the large amounts of people all travelling with their belongings someone is bound to leave something behind. If only you could utilise a Same Day Courier Service to post yourself across the world with all of your luggage in tow. But alas you can’t.

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However, what you can use a Same Day Courier Service for is returning the items that you accidentally leave behind in the airport. Once you have found where you left the item, in your haste to make it to the boarding gate in time, you can arrange for a courier to collect the item from the airport staff and then return it to you this then saves you time on having to retrieve the item yourself.

So what sorts of items get left behind in an airport?

Top of the list is obviously the usual suspects such as passports, mobile phones, laptops, cameras and items that have purchased from the duty-free area. Other items that have been reported lost at airports include children’s toys, car keys and weddings.

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Some of the most usual items found left lying around in airports are:

  • Large sums of money. One airport reported finding £50,000 in cash lying around in a bag left by a passenger.
  • Prosthetic limbs – now I know what you are thinking you would expect someone to realise they had left a prosthetic limb behind as they are not small items but a number of them – usually spare ones – have been found in airports around the world.
  • Diamonds have also been found sitting happily by themselves minus their owners in an airport lounge area.

Airports make every effort to return items to their rightful owners but if no one comes forward for the item and no contact details can be found on it then the item is kept for up to three months and then in most cases is either directly donated or auctioned off and money donated to the airports chosen charity or charities. Any items such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops that may contain sensitive and personal information are disposed of in an appropriately secure manner.

So next time you get on the plane or return home only to realise you have eft something behind at the airport, give them call to locate the item and then use a trusty courier service to retrieve the item from them.