Keeping your home clean as a cat owner

Cat owners will tell you that having a cat is a blessing. Despite popular belief, they are incredibly affectionate companions, offering many moments of hilarity with their antics. However, they can be challenging, especially when it comes to the mess, smells, furballs and scratching! Here are some tips for keeping your home clean as a proud cat owner:

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Why not let technology do some of the hard work for you? The litter box is the biggest culprit of unpleasant odours and mess in your home. If it’s not kept clean daily, it soon becomes a pretty horrible source of bacteria and smells. Now you can buy a self-cleaning litter box with timers, sensors, automated raking and disposable trays! Easy peasy, right?

Dealing with fur

Some cats shed a lot of fur around the home but there are some easy ways of tackling the issue. Buy a vacuum cleaner that is specially designed with filters to deal with allergens and pet hair. They usually come with different attachments to deal with different areas and textures around the home. Regular brushing and grooming of your cat will also help to stop dead hair spreading across the house.

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Keeping clean

Cats are naturally clean animals and don’t tend to give off any odour at all. However, if you have an adventurous moggy, they might come home covered in mud or having got into something they shouldn’t have and be covered in something! Cat wipes are available for older cats who might have a problem with self-cleaning through illness or injury. You can try to get your cat in the bath once in a while, but most won’t thank you for it and you might want to wear gloves to avoid being scratched!

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Purifying the air

If you or anyone in your home suffers with allergies, purifying your air is even more important. Ensure your home has good ventilation and regulated humidity levels. An air purifier helps by removing dander and some odours from inside your home, making it more pleasant for everyone.

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Clean up accidents quickly

Kittens and the elderly or those with health problems can sometimes have accidents that require quick cleaning. As soon as you notice pee or poop, use a paper towel to soak up the excess liquid and then cover the mess with a liquid cleaner that contains enzymes. They cover the smell and destroy organic residue that emit the smells. Once you get used to your cat’s normal behaviour, it will be easier to get into a routine and discover tricks for making cleaning quicker and easier.