Mango Sale Today!

The sale season is already here! Mango, as always, is one of the first brands to place the poster that makes us shudder.


Like every year, the firm intentions of not making useless purchases, not spending what we should not and not falling into the “total, for 9 euros” … You have to organize and buy clothes that really worth, study our closet, see What it is that we need to complete it and try to make a list of which we should not leave under any concept.

I propose a selection of Mango garments that are in my list.

  1. High-cut trousers: Ideal for a more formal work meeting or appointment that requires large doses of style and elegance. With them, you will hit!
  2. Skirt high waist skirt: The skirt has many possibilities; the complements will tell you how to monetize it!
  3. Long skirt or hippie maxi: They are a must have season and combined with a basic t-shirt … Ideal!
  4. Beach Dress: Both cutting and color combination seems perfect, with flat sandals are perfect during the day.
  5. Sleeveless shirt: It has a very versatile cut, you can combine it with a skirt or trousers of high waist and even jeans or shorts!
  6. Top: We can also take advantage to buy some basic top that fit us with several garments.
  7. Short skirt for an ethnic look: You can be a working girl to the last with a skirt of this style the wedges, the ideal complement!
  8. Americana: Another garment that in season usually has a higher price and that on sale can be a good purchase. It can give a more formal touch to some jeans or it can give life to a skirt like this.