Planning the best Christmas party

If you’ve been given the job of organising the office Christmas party, you’ll either be overjoyed or intensely annoyed. Some people love organising events, whilst others see it as just another task on top of all their normal work. If you fall into the latter category, here are some tips for making the party planning much easier:

The Budget

Before you do anything else, set a realistic budget. That will make future decisions easier to make.

Set the date

Choose a date quickly as December will get booked up very quickly. Not only will you struggle to secure a venue if you delay, but December is a busy month for parents and families, who all have personal plans to consider as well. Ideally you need to have set the date by mid-October and sent out save the date notifications.

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The best parties are usually held outside of work premises. If you stay in work, you’ll only be in work mode and it’s nice to get people out of their normal environment. It can offer a fresh experience and allow people the chance to relax and let their hair done a little. Choosing a venue is an important decision. You want somewhere unusual and unique that will be remembered for all the right reasons but not so weird that you’ll be known as the one who made everyone go to a strange place in the middle of nowhere!


The easiest option is to hire a restaurant. If you’re booking a different venue, then you might want to get some quotes from catering firms. Another popular option right now is to hire a couple of food trucks. These provide a wide variety of food options and flexible pricing.


All great parties need great music, so you’ll need to research some local DJs, discos or even live bands to get your colleagues on the dance floor. Be sure to give staff something to remember for years to come with Photo booth Hire Gloucester from

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Secret Santa is the usual go-to activity for Christmas parties, but if you feel this is getting a little old and colleagues grumble about receiving useless gifts and never knowing what to buy, you might want to ditch this activity for something more current like oversized games or video gaming tournament.


If booking a restaurant, then this is a factor you need not worry about. For all other venues, you’ll need to get your thinking cap on. There is nothing worse than running out of alcohol at a party, so make sure you have a wide variety wine, beer and soft drinks for the drivers. If your budget allows, you might want to add cocktails to your list. Prepared by a hired professional, they look amazing and make great conversation starters.