Restaurant-quality salad perfection at home

We all have our favourite restaurant, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could simply pack up after work and head there for dinner every night without worrying about having to cook? Unfortunately, that might also end up prohibitively expensive, and even get a little boring after a while. So here are some top tips to help you recreate restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home.

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The humble salad is one item that always seems to taste better at a restaurant. For some reason the leaves you pick up from the saladette counter are usually crisper and greener, and the dressing is somehow always more full-flavoured and zesty. However, there are a few guidelines you can follow to ensure your homemade salad packs a punch to rival that of your favourite restaurant fare.

Always use salt and pepper

Seasoned greens are a beautiful thing. Don’t try to skimp on that day’s salt intake when it comes to seasoning your salad.  In fact to make it easier when your cooking make sure all your spices are together in one place like on some garage shelving from links including

Make your own dressing. Make it full fat

Most restaurants don’t care how much fat goes into the salad dressing you are going to consume, and within reason neither should you. According to BBC Good Food, the classic vinaigrette comprises three parts oil to one part vinegar, and you can mix this up by adding honey or mustard to keep it emulsified. Add extra flavour with herbs, shallots or chilli.

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Think beyond the colour green

The staple base of most salads is some kind of lettuce or other green leaf. But salads can be so much more than that, so try to think outside the box by including fruits, nuts, vegetables, flowers, different grains, and toasted or fried breads.

By paying attention to these simple tips you may well find yourself whipping up a restaurant-worthy salad. If you fancy investing in a suitably restaurant quality saladette counter such as those sold by  your family will undoubtedly feel like they’ve been transported to their favourite restaurant every night of the week.

Be sure to dress the salad before you plate it, and voila – your work here is done! Now sit back, enjoy, and allow the serving staff to clear and wash up after you. In lieu of serving staff we hear that children work almost as well.