Should my blog be on my website?

Businesses have known for a while now that a business blog has many advantages. Those businesses hosting a blog drive greater traffic to their sites and see the benefits in terms of increased sales and marketing. For those considering a blog, one of the first questions will be where to place it. The choices are to put the blog on an existing website or make a new site specifically for the blog. But which is best?

It can be argued that a blog should always be placed on an existing business website, but why?

There are significant SEO advantages to be had. The first advantage is all to do with backlinks. When a different website backlinks to a blog post, this backlink will help to increase the rank of the whole website. Should the blog be on its own site, the backlink benefit would only affect the blog and not the main business website.

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The content of a blog is also important for SEO strategy. A major part of how search rankings work is through the use of relevant keywords and how these are incorporated into a site’s content. Blogs are a useful way to bring these keywords into your content but without having the blog on the main site, there won’t be much chance to rank for those targeted keywords. For help with your blog, consider a Web Design Doncaster company like

It is common knowledge that Google favours site with rich content and frequent updates. Regularly updating a blog is a great way to make a website more attractive for search engines. Hosting a blog on another site, away from the main one will mean the main website remaining static which could negatively affect search rankings.

When seeking online success, experts will say it’s all about the user experience. Users want a simple and quick navigation through a site to find the information they’re looking for. When everything is located on one site, it’s far easier for visitors to click to different areas of the site, read blog articles and then return to the homepage to find a call to action button.

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Most online customers nowadays expect businesses to have a blog and to be able to find it on their main business website. If they don’t find one, they might not feel like trying to find where the blog is actually located.

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is to drive more traffic to a company’s website. The more people who visit and click through a site, the more sales a company will enjoy. For any business looking to drive traffic back to their website, it is imperative that a blog and website be kept together. Sites with blogs receive more than 50% more visitors and that’s because the blog pages are driving traffic back to the main site.