Signs of sewage problems

Think you may have blocked or broken sewer pipes? Here are some common signs:

1) Blocking wastewater

A backup usually occurs at the lowest open channel and primarily caused by a blockage in the line. If there is a backup each time you run water into the sink or your bathtub drains, the problem is probably with your main sewer line because all the drains depend on the main sewer line. However, if a single drain limited backup, your problem may be isolated to that channel. For septic tank owners, contact a Septic Tank Emptying Solihull company like BSA Environmental, who provide a Septic Tank Emptying Solihull service

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2) The smell of sewage

If you smell sewage in or around your house or building, it is a telling symptom of a gap somewhere in your sewer system. A sanitary sewer must be airtight everywhere. This means that you should never smell the sewers unless there are gaps or holes in your pipes.

3) Cracks and sinkholes

More serious symptoms of deterioration of sewer lines includes basic problems such as gaps in the base slab, foundation settlement and, in some cases, sinkholes.

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If the main pipeline passes under your slabs and the leak is not treated for a long time, a vacuum can be formed under the foundations or in the garden. This can cause problems such as cracks in the bottom of the base of your home, building subsidence, or even a sinkhole.

4) Outside waste pooling

A clear sign that you might have a broken sewer line will be the accumulation of septic wastewater in your garden or exterior of the property. The problem may be a damaged septic tank, drainage fields that are clogged or a cracked mains pipe. Often, the problem area is located directly below the pool of waste.