Six characteristics of a strong public speaker

Public speaking is a very difficult skill to master. We’re here to help you with the six characteristics you need to be a strong public speaker.

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A great public speaker will be very natural. Look at the most famous politicians. When they speak, they don’t come across as authentic, which is why the public switch off from listening to them. An audience will be much more engaged if there’s a human they can relate to on the stage.


Being aware of your audience and their reaction to you will help you get a better perspective on yourself as a public speaker. Instead of following hard and fast rules on being a motivational speaker, pick up on the parts of your speech that the audience are connecting with and capitalise on these. Every audience will be different, and it’s this awareness that makes a brilliant speaker.


Understanding what your audience needs from you and delivering a talk that impresses and resonates with them makes you an excellent public speaker. Thinking more about the audience takes the attention off yourself too, helping nerves to slide away more easily.

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Any public speaker should have a natural instinct on how to take their audience on a journey through their speech. Don’t overdo it on the anecdotes, but balance out your facts with your stories and change up the pace to keep an audience engaged. For your next motivational event, why not hire a speaker at

Fresh content

There’s so much information that each person has to take in every single day, making it difficult for your speech to stand out from the rest. You want people to go away remembering what your message is. Adding in freshness to your speech allows you to be a bit more spontaneous and unique when speaking in public. If a speaker does something different to all the others, we’re going to remember it.


The best speakers in the world push themselves to their limits during every speech, so they can give their audience an amazing experience. Hitting that stage and being completely fearless means you can be passionate, funny, assertive and vulnerable all at the same time. Each one of these qualities serves your audience, making for a much more effective public speaker.