Six ways to reduce your energy bills

No one likes spending more money on energy bills than they have to. There are steps you can take to make your home more efficient and reduce the amount you spend on utilities so you have more cash to spend on more enjoyable pursuits.

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The right choices

If you choose energy-efficient appliances, this will give you a good start when it comes to saving money on energy bills. When you look at new light bulbs or a new dishwasher, always check the energy rating.

Getting a thermostat that you can program will also help you save money. Have the heating come on when people are home, and maybe even consider putting on an extra jumper when the temperature drops rather than cranking up the heating. Turning the thermostat down by even just one degree can save nearly a hundred pounds per year.

Efficiency and conservation

Getting better insulation for your home will decrease the amount of money you spend on energy. With effective insulation, you will not be losing as much heat through your walls, and your home will be warmer and more comfortable. For more on the benefits of insulating homes, see this report from The Guardian.

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If you have an old boiler, consider replacing it with a condensing boiler. More than half of your energy expenditure will be on your boiler, so get one that is more efficient. Modern condensing boilers extract heating value from the exhaust gases and are good for the environment.

It also pays to get a really efficient installation company if you do decide to upgrade or replace your boiler. If you want to learn more about Boiler Installation Bristol, you might consider contacting a firm that is a specialist in this area, such as A reputable company like this will be able to supply plenty of help and advice on boiler installation Bristol.

A good boiler installation company will also be able to offer services such as weather compensation, where an outdoor sensor keeps track of changing temperatures to feed the information to your boiler and make sure that it is engaged to keep the temperature indoors stable. This is especially helpful in winter when a thermostat in a room may only trigger boiler activity when the space has already become uncomfortably cold.