Teach your dog these essential commands

Dog training is essential to instil good behaviour in a new pet, and it can be a fun and rewarding time for the whole family. It’s important to train your dog from an early age, as they are less likely to stray and they become more integrated into the family.

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Sit is a fundamental command for your dog

Sit is one of the fundamental commands for a dog to master, and the whole family can be involved in training. Hold a small treat near the dog’s nose and raise your hand up, allowing the dog’s head to follow. This will move the pet into a sitting position, then you can say ‘sit’ and reward the dog with the treat.

Reward your dog following the stay command

Before attempting this one, make sure your dog has mastered the ‘sit’ command. First, ask the dog to sit, then use the palm of your hand to indicate for him to ‘stay.’ Begin walking backwards slowly and reward the dog if he stays, even if it’s only for a few seconds. This can take time, especially with high energy dogs.

Heel command is useful during a walk

This is another essential command and you can teach your dog by holding the pet’s leash in your right hand and giving it a gentle tug on the left side while walking, and ordering the dog to ‘sit.’ Hold the treat in your left hand.

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Make eye contact with your dog

To instruct your dog how to follow the ‘watch’ command and get your attention, you should maintain eye contact with your pet, while offering a treat. Hold this treat in your hand and move your hand from the dog’s nose toward your face.

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Come uses the collar and leash

The ‘come’ command can be taught by putting the leash on the dog, and asking him to move toward you. Always give him a treat at the end of the exercise.