Tempted To Move Abroad In The Winter? What To Consider.

The British winter can be a grim time: rainy, grey, damp, cold and long, but don’t panic and start to pack your bags as soon as the clocks go back! If you’re looking to move abroad as a way to escape the winter, you’ll have to be a bit more prepared than simply packing up your suitcases with all your warm-weather clothing.  There are a few things to consider before scheduling the removal vans: here are the most important points, particularly for those of you looking to move abroad in the colder months of the year.

Research the climate of your new home

Make sure that you research the climate of your new home. You might be pleased to learn that the average daily temperature is 30°C, but what about the humidity level? Would you be happy to escape to the sunshine, only to discover that each day you can expect an hour or so of rain? Or what about moving somewhere warm to discover that there is an extended rainy season?

Make sure you’ve done lots of research so you know what to expect. You wouldn’t want to get there and realise that you prefer the grey UK winters you wanted so badly to escape!

Visit your new location a few times

Going along with knowing the climate, it’s always wise to make at least one if not more trips to your location. If you’re not the planning type and were going to find accommodation when you arrive, you probably won’t have gone on a house-hunting trip. However it’s still wise to do so, so that you get a feel for the area you might like best to live in, the kinds of flats or houses you might be able to find, and your immediate reaction to and feelings about your new home base.

Consider renting a property over the winter

Instead of completely uprooting and finding a new forever country, have you considered taking one winter off, or renting your house during the cooler months, allowing you to do the same elsewhere? Renting can be a great idea, in particular if you’d like to come back in the summer.

Make sure you’re able to get a job

Probably one of your first considerations is whether you’ll be able to work. If you’re only going for a few months, you can work remotely or freelance, or you’re able to afford it you can take a few months off. If you are planning to get a job, make sure you’re able to get the documents you require.

Prepare your current home for the cold

If you are going to be away for the winter and you’ll be leaving your house unattended, there are a few things you’ll need to do to make sure that anything that needs special attention gets it. You’ll need to make sure that there is some heating on so that any white goods or pipes that might freeze will not. You wouldn’t want to come back in the spring to find it’s been flooded due to burst pipes. Try to ask a family member or neighbour that you trust to stop by every once in a while to make sure that everything’s in working order.