The benefits of fabric structures

Businesses across the world have been discovering the benefits of building with structures made of tensile fabric. These structures offer many advantages over a traditional building approach. Whatever the purpose, be it for agriculture, entertainment, sports, festivals or storage, using tensile fabric means your space can be accessed all year round and could prove to be the perfect solution to your current problem. Here are some further benefits:

Fast installation

Tensile architecture has been around for long enough to mean that the construction process has been perfected and can now be completed in much faster installation times when compared to traditional construction methods. This also makes it more cost-effective. Most tensile fabric structures are designed to be permanent or semi-permanent so might not be the best answer for a temporary event but makes a fantastic alternative to building with bricks and mortar.

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Natural lighting

The transparency of the roof fabric means that the structure receives an abundance of natural diffused daylight. This helps to create a bright, comfortable space to work or play in, as opposed to a dull, dimly lit structure. Studies have long shown that people perform and feel better when they receive adequate natural light. If you think this sounds like a structure that could meet your needs, consider Fabric Structures from

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Bespoke design choices

Thanks to the highly flexible nature of the fabric membrane, architects, designers and builders can experiment and create bespoke designs to completely meet your needs and requirements. They are given the flexibility to make visually interesting structures and exciting designs, far more than they could if constructing a traditional brick structure.

Easy to care for

A great benefit of this kind of structure is that it is truly low maintenance. Whichever fabric is used, be it Teflon coated woven fibreglass or protective acrylic over PVC membranes, the structure promises to be low maintenance for owners.


Taking into account the materials mentioned above, construction methods and the environment, tensile fabric structures offer impressive durability and a long life. They have been shown to be effective in withstanding extreme weather conditions, harsh climates and excessive heat, no matter where they are located.


These structures are the ideal solution for covering a large area of space, being far more cost effective then a brick building to cover the same area. Fabric membranes are a lightweight option, perfect for long spaces without the need for column supports getting in the way. Less steel supports are required than a traditional structure, saving you even more money.