The germs in your office that could be making you sick

Coughs, colds and stomach bugs go around an office like wildfire. We’ve all had a colleague come into work with the sniffles and wondered when it will be our turn. Why are offices such a haven for germs and bacteria? The answer lies, of course, with cleaning.

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The problem

Office cleaning services are contracted out to commercial cleaning services in Cardiff, and throughout the UK. These cleaners are usually tasked with thoroughly cleaning areas like the kitchen and toilets every day, and they clean and polish in conference rooms and other more public spaces. However, when it comes to individual workers’ desks, they are usually told to stick to emptying the waste paper basket.

This means that desks, telephones and computer keyboards aren’t getting cleaned and that’s where the germs are taking hold. The viruses for the common cold and flu can live for up to three days on a hard surface, a cough can send them up to eight metres from the infected person – It isn’t just the sniffles. It’s common practice to take your smartphone into the bathroom with you but do you wash it along with your hands on the way out? No. That’s why desks are also a hotbed for faecal bacteria, and that leads to stomach bugs. With all those germs around, it’s no wonder you’re getting sick!

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The solution

Whether that’s using commercial cleaning services in Cardiff, or doing it yourself, your desk needs more cleaning. If you choose to use commercial cleaning services in Cardiff, make sure that your cleaners are using a bleach or alcohol based cleaner that will destroy all germs. Cleaning of the desk, telephone receiver and keyboard will all be needed, and office mugs will need to be put through a dishwasher in order to kill off any germs left there.

If you need to clean your desk yourself, then choose germ killing wipes that contain bleach or alcohol. You can make your own, by soaking wipes in a solution of one part bleach to five parts water.

Once you’ve zapped those bugs you can improve the air quality in your office by including certain plants, proven by NASA to help. Choose spider plants, bamboo palm or gerbera daisies to give the air a boost.