Three outfits that can take you from day to night

The simple truth is that we are not all living in a Manhattan penthouse and can’t all pop home after the office to get changed before hitting the town for cocktails and dinner. Most of us, if we are lucky enough to be heading out for dinner or drinks, are doing so straight from work. We send the last email, touch up our eyeliner and off we go, but there is no need to let a lack of time and access to your wardrobe get in the way of looking smart and professional during the day and glamorous at night. With no need to  go home it allows you to meet straight up with your social circle and perhaps have a drink at businesses such as a Nightclub Cheltenham

Here we look at three outfit pieces that look great all day and all night long.

The pencil skirt

When someone says the phrase ‘pencil skirt’, the image of a woman hobbling along might spring to mind; however, things have come a long way since the 1950s and pencil skirts are once again an office staple


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They are smart and modest and don’t ruck-up when you sit, stand or bend over to pick something up. New fabrics mean they have plenty of give, so there is no loss of movement. Check out statement pencil skirts and classic blacks and team them with fitted tops for a practical and stylish look. 

The little any-colour dress

The little black dress might be a girl’s ultimate go-to apparel, but there are all the colours of the rainbow to choose from these days. Look out for yellow this year as the new black and don’t be afraid to wear a print. Wearing alternating vertical and horizontal stripes is also very flattering and is still smart enough for the office and boardroom.

Audrey Hepburn’s trousers

We all know what these are: capri pants with a high waist that typically come in black. All women should own a pair of capri pants, just as all men should own mens Farah shirts. If you buying Capri pants on the high street these classics are trendy and chic and go with anything.

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With these three staples in your wardrobe, you will be perfectly happy to go out from the office in two shakes of a lamb’s tail – just think of all the time you will be saving!