Tips to Create The Perfect Summer House

Summer houses are decorated sheds, or luxury shed spaces that are typically put in the end of your garden; they make a great office room, or they could be a great place for you to sit quietly and read a book. Summer houses can be enjoyed through all seasons, and the more deluxe summer houses even have WIFI and electricity. You could make yours into an eating area for the family to get together and have a barbeque, or you could make it into a comfortable space with sofas – the possibilities are endless. Here are some tips and inspiration to create the perfect summer house.

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Transform Your Shed 

You are more than welcome to use your old garden shed as a summer house, but it won’t be very appealing if there is mould, rust, and worse – creepy crawlies; before decorating the shed, you will need to make sure it is clean and tidy, and ensure that no insects can get in. Your typical garden shed will not have a lot of space, so it may be better to buy a luxury shed space; these can have electrics fitted, which means you can have a TV, heater, and other home comforts inside. 

Outside Decoration

Once you have your selected summer house, you can then begin to decorate it; if you want to paint your shed, you will need to buy specialist shed paint that is quick-drying, and won’t come off – here are some key pointers for painting your shed. You can then add little fun touches such as bunting, wall signs, and you could even construct your own mini patio to have in front of the summer house, or how about some hanging solar lights from the roof to add some more decoration? If you want to be able to sit and look out at your garden, then you may want to get some Bifold doors fitted; there are many companies where you can Shop for bifold doors, and they will also fit them too – you will have your dream summer house in no time.

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Interior Decoration 

Getting the perfect summer house depends on what you are intending to use it for; if you want to use it as an office, you will need office furniture, a computer, and perhaps a printer. If you want to use it as a relaxing area, then you could just have a simple seating area, or maybe a comfortable sofa with a coffee table. To add to the decoration, you could hang some wall frames, put out some potted plants, and even include fun decorative pieces that fit with the theme. You could even use it as a craft room to create your hand made creations; if that’s the case you might want a craft table with storage solutions to put all of your art supplies in.