Top ways to liven up your ombre

The ombre trend has taken hair envy to a whole new level, with the graduated colour technique again the must-have style this season.

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Make your ombre original and liven up your tresses this summer with these stunning styling tips.

Soften your look

Warmer, softer and more understated effects are hot this year, with balayage all the rage. Opting for highlights will take the harsh edge off a stark gradient, softening your look.

A shadow is best achieved by using a gloss and going for a shade from the root that is two or three steps from your natural hair colour. Your roots will be less noticeable when your hair grows out and you should get four months or so before a colour touch-up is needed.

Highlights around the front of the face, shadowed from the root to avoid heavy contrasts, can frame your face and soften it. Aim for two or three shades lighter than your highlights.

Combine shading effects

The classic ombre is created by using a horizontal style that comprises a darker colour at the root and a lighter colour at the end. Alternatively, a vertical dimension will have darker and lighter colours next to each other. Make your hair pop and combine the two. Highlights and lowlights running horizontally and vertically will catch the light and look softer, taking away the blunt gradient of either effect individually.

Go pro for perfection

A trained salon professional will be able to match your shading and advise you on the best way to frame your face and make your ombre truly outstanding. A professional such as Gloucester Hairdresser will ensure the lightening and dying of your hair is completed in the way that best suits you and reduces hair damage at the same time.

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Take care of your tresses

The Charles Worthington team stresses how a professional consultation is pivotal to the perfect ombre and hair health. A Gloucester hairdresser can provide tailor-made professional advice.

The team also recommends replacing curling tongs and straighteners that are over three years old and investing in a good hairbrush and hairdryer to minimise damage. Healthy hair will mean more vibrant colours, so give your tresses some TLC, don’t skimp on conditioning, and treat yourself to a weekly hair mask for optimal hydration.