Watch: The New Facebook Platform for Original TV Shows

Facebook has launched a new platform called ‘Watch’ for viewers to watch television shows. Creators and publishers will now have a platform to earn money and build a circle of fans with reality, comedy and sports programmes.

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Watch was launched last week to a small number of users in America and is expected to be rolled out to everyone in the next few weeks. Some shows will be live, while the majority will be centred on a theme or have a storyline. You will have the opportunity on every show to make comments and take part in online forums, bringing a social element to the content. There will also be a Watchlist which will help fans keep up with their favourite programmes, and advise of new programmes coming up in the future.


Facebook will make its money through the adverts which will be shown systematically throughout the shows, so these will need to be clear and uncomplicated to keep their viewers online. The type of programmes it wants to send out are ones that engage an audience and connect directly with the fans, including live events which encourage communities to come together.

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Unlike television, which uses a TV aerial to receive over the air broadcasts, Facebook is available via the internet which can be accessed either on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Television aerials are available throughout the UK, for example, aerial installation in Bristol will sort you out with digital aerials, satellite dishes or cable.


New shows on Watch will be planned around what your friends and communities are watching. Sections including “Most talked about” will encourage conversation, “What’s making people laugh” and “What friends are watching” will connect you with friends watching the same shows. After the show, you can participate in a Facebook Group for the show and have a discussion group. Live sports events will be shown each week which will connect fans and local communities.

Similar to programmes seen on YouTube, Facebook hopes eventually to be a real alternative. It is limiting its creators to a small group of publishers and will in due course open it up and allow others to join the team and make new shows. With YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ the public have loads to keep them busy watching online.