What Does It Take To Join The Military?

You definitely must have a certain interest in the military of the United States of America if you are reading this. Most probably, you dreamt to be recruited into the army once you attain the qualified age. On the other hand, maybe the interest has developed after getting to buy army surplus kit. You may as well be doing numerous physical exercises to keep fit, that you may not fail physical tests when that time comes. Many movies that we see usually depict youth approaching a recruitment desk whether he just looks at how big you are, slightly at your documentation as they buy army surplus kit and you are good to go. Well, you have to know that there is a lot involved before the army of the United States of America accepts your services.

1.      Choose your field

Primarily, you have to be aware of where you wish to put your services at. The army has varied dockets and branches and it is best if you know what goes on and thus what is expected of you in every field. This will help you make an accurate decision on where you wish to serve. There are five active duty branches and seven reserve ones.

2.      Meet the requirements

Contrary to what many may think, a citizen of the United States of America does not have the right to join the army. The Congress has set the standards that need to be achieved by any individual so that he or she can join the army. This means that applicants can be accepted or rejected, depending on whether they match up to the required standards. These factors include criminal history, age, medical condition etc.

3.      Choose your job

There are jobs listed down under the various branches. The various branches have different names for the jobs, so be careful that you may not make any mistake out of confusion. For example, the Navy has their jobs enlisted as “ratings” while the army has theirs by the name MOS or Military Occupation Specialties. To qualify for a job, basically, you are judged by the type of service required and your qualifications. Some incentives usually come along with the various jobs. They are there to entice more people to join the military. A greater advantage falls upon those with degrees as they can get higher jobs. However, this calls for a higher responsibility as well.

4.      Handing out

After selecting the job that you wish to be in, what follows is actually quite similar to what is expected of you in any other firm or company. You may be required to go through a couple of interviews. A lot of paperwork is also involved, dependent on the field that you are in and the job that you are seeking to get.

5.      Final strides

Once you pass your interviews and your papers are certified, there are a couple of steps to be followed. One, you make a second trip to the Military Entrance Processing Station to be certified yet again. Basic training follows, then boot camp and finally, basic job training.

Go through all this success and be sure that in no time you will be given your next task and that you will be very able to carry it out effectively. Fantasies while serving the army while wearing uniforms acquired when you buy army surplus kit turn to reality.