What Is Ionic Framework?

If you are already a developer and looking to learn something new that allows you to work in a better and simplified manner, consider taking up Ionic framework course. The Ionic framework is one of the most popular open source frameworks that are used by the developers to develop the web based applications. Basically, ionic provides you with all the necessary tools that you need as a developer for developing the basic user interface. If you intend to run the ionic framework on cell phones, you should have a native wrapper for the same.

Meant basically to develop mobile applications, this framework is based on HTML and designs apps in the HTML and CSS. If you are looking for some hybrid look and feel of your app, you need to check out everything that ionic framework has to offer.

There are a lot of features of the Ionic framework that you should know about but the most important of these are discussed here.

Ø  Angular Js

The basic MVC architecture that the ionic framework uses is the angular Js. It proves to be highly beneficial in cases when single page mobile applications are to be designed.


If you are planning to take an Ionic framework course in San Jose, you should have the basic knowledge of CSS as its components contribute effectively in the ionic framework. The ionic framework uses these components in such a way that you can easily get everything that you need in regard to the UI of the mobile app.

Ø  Javascript

This is another important aspect of all the components of the JS have an important role to play here. In cases when all the needs of the development are not taken care of by the HTML and CSS frameworks,


Ø  Cordova

The plug-in provided by the Cordova by Apache take care of the API related needs in the ionic framework and you need to install them to get benefitted of everything they have to offer.

Ø  CLI and View

The CLI, also known as the Command line interface, is basically provided by the Node Js in the ionic framework for taking care of the commands like starting an app, its basic build and other processes like running the application and imitation.

Just like the CLI takes care of the commands, the view is an inbuilt platform of the ionic framework that takes care of the processes related to sharing the app, testing or uploading it on different devices.

Advantages of Using the Ionic Framework

If you are looking to develop an app that is not the regular mobile application, try using the ionic framework. It is not just time-saving and easy to use but also ensures that your app can be packaged for all sorts of operating systems. The inbuilt features, simplified and pre-defined layouts make it very easy for the developers to use the most complex features of the mobile app. The simplified development of the apps helps in their easy maintenance and updating.

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