What is the difference between a car service and a MOT?

After you have bought your first car it can seem like you are overwhelmed with all the extra little details that you need to ensure are covered, from the insurance and road tax right through to regular services and MOTs. It can be a tad confusing to know what a legal requirement is and what is best practice.

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When it comes to having an annual MOT you need to ensure that you visit a reputable qualified company such as Gloucester MOT specialist 123carandcommercial This is because unlike a service your MOT is a legal requirement and you can be fined heavily for driving a car that does not have a valid MOT certificate.  The checks that are carried out during a MOT are the same for every that is looked at following their third birthday. The test is one that is undertaken by a qualified tester and they look around your car (they do not remove or inspect items other than what they can visibly see) to make sure that it complies with the VOSA (government department) requirements for a car to be deemed road worthy. The test will not ensure that your car is running at its best or confirm that all parts of your car will continue working for the next year.

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This is where an annual service comes into play. This is not a legal requirement but is a best practice recommendation as unlike a MOT an annual service will look at the major parts of your car include the engine, lights, brakes etc in greater details and inspect their condition and working order in depth. During the annual service depending on the mileage on your car a number of parts may be take off and cleaned and or replaced completely as standard. A service is tailored to your individual needs based on the number of miles your car has driven along with an additional feature that your car may have such as air conditioning ad pollen filters (although there is usually an extra charge for this).

In an ideal world you would have your MOT completed and an annual service to help make sure that your car is not only legally road worthy but also working in tip top condition. But if you find that your budget is tight one year then always have your MOT completed and opt for delaying your service until you are able to afford it or opt for a payment plan that is available in one form or another from most car mechanic businesses.