What is the difference between a marketing agency and an in-house team?

Sooner or later, most companies have to consider whether it’s appropriate for them to tackle their own marketing in-house, or whether they should use a marketing agency to act on their behalf.

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One thing is clear though – you shouldn’t attempt to go it alone, even though you know your business inside out. At least not according to a recent article in Marketing Week, which emphasises the point that it’s all too easy to forget that you aren’t your target customer.

So which is better? An in-house marketing team, or a marketing agency? The solution depends on a number of factors, including your budget, the size of your company and the type of products that you sell, but here’s a couple of pointers to bear in mind.


One person can’t be expected to cover all bases, as marketing in the digital era encompasses SEO, Adwords, PPC, social media campaigns, web content creation, PR, printed media including flyers and promotional literature and analysis of customer behaviour. So you’re going to have to employ two or more people and keep their skills updated with regular courses.

When you use the services of a marketing agency, on the other hand, you have access to a pool of talent, with wide experience across all types of businesses. Some of them, including Marketing Agency Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and throughout Gloucestershire, offer printed media too, which covers all bases for a comprehensive campaign that’s bound to impact upon your sales figures.

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When you’re planning on creating your own marketing team, you need to bear in mind the cost of employing and training your team members. And if someone quits their job, you have to pay to replace their knowledge and skills.

When you’re looking for a marketing agency Cheltenham, Coventry, Cardiff and Cambridge can all offer you choices. In fact, you’ll find numerous companies around the UK who offer comprehensive marketing services. You can plan a budget, so there are no unpleasant surprises, and no expense needed for training either, as these costs are paid by the agency.

In the end, your choice will be governed by your particular circumstances, but it’s worth making a list of the pros and cons before committing to hiring your own team, to see whether the benefits could really outweigh the costs involved.